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The transformation of information technologies into broad information systems has introduced new and more dangerous threats to information assets and organizational stability.
Information systems are becoming exponentially more complex as regulations and compliance requirements grow combined with the extensiveness of corporate globalization. 
Additionally, they now reach deeper into and wider across organizations as employees are becoming more sophisticated information workers with greater independence and influence on the enterprise. 

Assessing the risks to the loss, damage, destruction and theft of information assets allows organizations to prepare for and to a large extent control potential threats.
IPSec reviews and analyzes where current efforts are lacking and/or ineffective through an independent assessment of existing control measures and potential threat scenarios.
We can be relied upon by organizations at any point in the corporate life cycle to define comprehensive information security programs, operational risk management and business continuity planning.

Information Security Review

- Reduce potential risk to information assets by improving their utilization
- Meet corporate governance and compliance standards
- Streamline the performance and manageability of IT systems
- Improve risk management position
- Strengthen confidence of key stakeholders – customers, suppliers, partners 
- Avoid internal politics and conflicts of interest

Business Continuity Planning

- Discovery of potential disruptions 
  • environmental/natural disaster, 
  • deliberate interference -terror, theft or 
  • loss of suppliers/utilities
- Development of response and recovery programs
- Strengthen adherence to good corporate governance practices

Operational Risk Management 

- Map and assess work/information flow on department and organization-wide levels
- Detecting opportunities for risk and mitigate them
- Merge technical systems and business processes making both more efficient and reducing   cost
- Meet international compliance standards 

Project Management
IPSec’s highly qualified and experienced security consultants are ideally equipped to manage information security programs as well as individual security projects. 
Where IPSec has undertaken an Information Security Review, it can manage the program of work stemming from the recommendations. 
This may range in scope from evaluating, selecting and managing the implementation of protective software applications (e.g. firewalls, anti-virus software) to the design and implementation of a complete Information Security Architecture.