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Fraud Management

IPSec helps companies with every phase of fraud prevention. Besides identifying ongoing fraud and assisting with damage control and recovery, we help businesses identify areas susceptible to future exploitation and devise systems that pre-empt problems before they occur.

The key to any fraud management plan is an understanding of where and how fraud is likely to occur. IPSec’s experts have studied corporate fraud extensively, and they understand how to analyze a business and turn up cases of fraud that other investigators would miss. That expertise is deployed not only to stop existing instances of fraud, but also to bring attention to areas of a business that criminals could take advantage of in the future. Once we have carefully reviewed an organization and identified its vulnerable points, IPSec can work with management to plug holes immediately, and to gradually implement the cultural changes that are necessary for a comprehensive fraud management system.

IPSec’s prevention specialists employ a five-step approach that ensures our clients’ are protected from fraud, both immediately and over the long term. They begin with a thorough assessment of each company’s technology and processes, which isolates ongoing fraud and the parts of a business that are especially susceptible to criminals.

Then they review the current anti-fraud infrastructure and use a cost-benefit analysis to determine the first steps a client should take to improve their existing systems. Next, they present the client with a list of concrete steps that immediately reduce vulnerability without incurring excessive costs. 

After consulting with the client, our specialists install new manual and automated systems to detect and deter fraud, and then conduct employee training to help seed a culture of fraud management. Finally, tests are done to assess the effectiveness of the new program and identify areas that need continuing work.

The end result of IPSec’s fraud management protocols is a complete fraud management systems that relies on technology and corporate culture to stop fraud before it begins. We understand that total fraud prevention requires the investment of all employees, and cannot be achieved by technical solutions alone.