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Project Management

IPSec offers project management services to clients working on projects related to IT security. Our specialists can handle clients’ in-house projects in their entirety, and ensure that every measure is taken to improve the company’s security posture. Our expertise in risk assessment, cyber security systems, architecture design, and information protection education allows us to guarantee that clients’ projects will be fully protected, and that every necessary protective measure is taken.

At IPSec, we take the entire project out of the client’s hands. Our experts work to create comprehensive security infrastructures which take advantage of technical measures, as well as implementing cultural changes that improve the client’s information security. When IPSec handles a project, clients have total assurance that their finished product will be maximally secure upon launch. As information protection specialists, we understand how to integrate security measures into the workings of a product. But just as importantly, we are able to integrate a product into a company’s existing security architecture, so that it works synergistically with the company’s entire security infrastructure. Turning a project over to IPSec will decrease the time from inception to launch, as well as reducing the effort and expense devoted to addressing security issues that arise after the product is introduced.