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Revenue Assurance

IPSec devises customized strategies that help businesses stop the revenue leakage that can cost them millions of dollars every year. The methods IPSec uses to secure revenue deliver immediate solutions that improve companies’ bottom-line numbers in the short-term, and help secure their finances long-term.

After years of experience in this field, IPSec understands the sources of revenue leakage, and our specialists are adept at identifying and eliminating them. Typically, lost revenues are the result of complex business systems that are difficult to monitor or regulate. In such systems, technical errors proliferate and detecting fraud becomes a significant challenge. Our revenue assurance strategies find the sources of errors and the areas of a business that are susceptible to malicious activity, and then shore up those areas so they are no longer vulnerable.

To ensure no source of revenue leakage goes undetected, IPSec follows a multi-step method of analysis and prevention. Our specialists start by reviewing every step of a business’s revenue chain and operations in order to produce a report documenting every gap between current revenues and desired results. Based on a cost-benefit analysis, we recommend which areas should be fixed to deliver the fastest and most efficient changes. IPSec strives to produce “quick wins” which have low costs but high returns

Beyond that, we work with companies to enact comprehensive changes to their corporate culture that will drastically reduce revenue leakage across the board. Long term actions include fine tuning the initial changes and implementing a work plan that addresses leakage points throughout all of a company’s processes. However, at IPSec we never lose sight of the business’s needs and our focus always remains on implementing the changes that are the most cost-effective.

This comprehensive review of a business’s activities produces immediate savings, as well as lasting adjustments that prevent new sources of revenue leakage from arising in the future.

IPSec’s list of satisfied revenue assurance clients includes large and small across a range of industries. While working with an international telecommunications company, we identified excessive payments to suppliers that cost the company $7.5 million over four years, and designed a course of action that instantly cut their monthly losses in half. In another case, IPSec partnered with a major bank and immediately reduced their losses by 80 percent, a change that would save them six figures yearly. In each case, our efforts led to both instant savings and lasting reductions in revenue leakage.