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Security Architecture Design

IPSec believes that well-fortified security architecture is a critical component of our holistic approach to information security. Though we can assist clients in the development of applications expressly devoted to security, our overarching goal is always developing security components that protect every part of their infrastructure.

 Two goals guide our approach to improving a client’s security architecture. First, we want to make all improvements cost effective, and neither too expensive to develop nor too time-consuming to implement. Second, we strive for improvements that are understandable and acceptable to the employees. When employees grasp the workings of a client’s security architecture, it ensures the measures IPSec designs will be implemented and used to their full potential. It is vital to IPSec that our improvements to a client’s security architecture reinforce their entire security infrastructre, and that our security efforts fully align with the goals of their company.

 When designing security infrastructure, IPSec’s focus is always on implementing systems that are comprehensive and in-depth, but also scalable and easy-to-use. We have experience in projects that involve wireless data protection, internet services security, cryptography, and information access management systems.