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Information Security Consulting

IPSec’s information security consulting practice identifies and addresses threats that compromise our clients’ critical data, such as client details and personal information, sales data, and any proprietary documents. 

We analyze our clients’ existing information security systems along several dimensions to determine weaknesses, and suggest improvements. IPSec looks at such things as regulatory compliance, design of protection protocols, and ongoing risk assessments to identify gaps in each company’s preparedness, and then formulate a concrete plan of action for maturing their defense posture. The improvements we propose prioritize “quick wins,” which produce immediate gains in information security at low-to-moderate costs. 

After that, IPSec works with the company on educational and cultural measures that will lead to increased awareness of information security among all employees, and provide for increased protection over the long term. As always, IPSec’s belief is that security begins with a company’s culture, and not with the technical systems it has implemented. Once our work is complete, our customers will have a fortified security posture and fewer security incidents, but also greater alignment between corporate goals and security, which will produce lasting improvements in information security.